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09 July 2015 Dudgeon Offshore Wind awards building contract to East Anglian company

Architects impression of Dudgeon's O&M site in Great Yarmouth

Dudgeon Offshore Wind Ltd has awarded the contract to build its onshore operations and maintenance (O&M) base to East Anglian construction company R G Carter

20 May 2015 Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm reaches contract obligation milestone

The one year contract requirements have been reached for Dudgeon – a milestone demonstrating that the project qualifies for its investment contract.

20 April 2015 Norfolk O&M employment opportunities announced at Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm

The first seven employment opportunities for managers and engineers to be based from the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm O&M [Operations and Maintenance] base in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk have just been posted on the Statoil website

Dudgeon Offshore wind farm

Enough 'green' electricity to power more than 410,000 UK homes each year.

The two Norwegian companies, Statoil and Statkraft, acquired the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm project in October 2012 through the acquisition of all the shares in Dudgeon Offshore Wind Limited, a subsidiary of the UK energy company Warwick Energy Limited. In August 2014 Abu Dhabi’s renewable energy company, Masdar, invested in the company through share acquisition, leaving the ownership percentages as Statoil 35%, Masdar 35% and Statkraft 30%.


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