The Dudgeon Community Fund

During the lifetime of the operation of its offshore wind farm, Dudgeon Offshore Wind Limited will pay £100,000 per annum into its Community Fund, and this money will be used to provide grants to support education initiatives for the benefit of young people living in the Great Yarmouth, Breckland and North Norfolk districts of Norfolk.

The Dudgeon Community Fund is being administered by Norfolk Community Foundation, and prospective applicants can find out more about the fund criteria and obtain the Expression of Interest Form on their website If you have any questions on the Fund or the application process, please contact Norfolk Community Foundation on 01603 623958 email:

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The Dudgeon STEM Programme

The Dudgeon Community Fund‘s STEM Programme has been designed and launched to successfully inspire the next generation of scientists, innovators and inventors for pupils in school years 8-11 within the local Norfolk area.

• Aims and objectives:

The programme is targeted at encouraging pupils to go on and study STEM subjects in either Sixth Form or Technical College. The ambition is that this will provide a pathway into further education or employment areas which have STEM subjects as a core area.

Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm is passionate about inspiring the next generation. There is an understanding that curiosity for science and technology develops at an early age and to harness that spark, investment in education within the local communities in Norfolk is needed.

• Eligibility for grants:

The grants offered by the Dudgeon Community Fund for its STEM Programme are available for non-fee paying schools or other organisations which are delivering the National Curriculum or government funded education. Activities that take place in curriculum/classroom time will not be eligible for funding.

Charities, constituted voluntary groups and other charitable organisations can make application for grant funding. The Community Fund will also consider supporting projects that are co-funded from other sources.

All applications for the award of a STEM Programme grant must be for a Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths (STEM) initiative which will be delivered to pupils aged 12-16 years in education in the Great Yarmouth, Breckland or North Norfolk districts of Norfolk. Equally, a project that could be eligible for support would be a group of teachers performing STEM training.

The Dudgeon Community Fund aims to kick-start projects which can demonstrate they will make a sustained difference for the target group. Support will be given for a maximum of 3 years; thereafter if the project continues it will do so without further support from the Fund.

• Making an application for a STEM programme grant

All applicants need to complete a short Expression of Interest [EOI] on a form that can be downloaded from


In this initial stage, each application is reviewed against the funding criteria and applicants will receive a response within 4 to 6 weeks after submission.

Applicants whose EOIs pass this initial screening will then enter dialogue with the Dudgeon Community Fund team. This dialogue will help the team to decide whether the EOI should advance to a Full Application.

The second stage of funding application is the Full Application and requires a more detailed description of the applicant’s proposal and supporting evidence. Due diligence of the organisation(s) making the grant funding application will be undertaken at this point. Further details on this process will be provided to applicants who reach this stage.

The third and final stage of the funding application process is the Decision Panel. This panel is composed of management from Statoil and an external education expert who will evaluate the application against the funding criteria.

Once an application has been conditionally approved by the Decision Panel, the Norfolk Community Foundation will seek to resolve any outstanding issues to enable a funding offer to be made to the applicant.

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