Notice to Mariners Dudgeon 01-12-2015

As part of the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm project, 7 off Cardinal Buoys will be installed offshore at the Dudgeon Windfarm Site, located approximately 32km offshore of the North Norfolk coast, off the town of Cromer.

The installation will be performed by the Trinity House Vessel, Galatea, scheduled to be executed in the period 7th – 12th of December 2015 (excluding waiting on weather). The working vessel Galatea is on a “call off” contract and may be required to break off the operation in case of maritime emergencies or other statutory duties as dictated by Trinity House.

The Cardinal buoys will be installed at the following locations:

Mark Location Name Latitude Longitude Status Flash Character Code Range
North Cardinal NW Cardinal N-DOW 53° 19,102' N 1° 20,592' E TemporaryQ 601 5nm
Special Mark Special Mark North DOW - SM - N 53° 17,631' N 1° 23,919' E Temporary Fl.Y.5s 328 5nm
North Cardinal North East Cardinal NE - DOW 53° 16,277' N 1° 26,691' E TemporaryVQ501 5nm
East Cardinal East Cardinal E- DOW 53° 14,320' N 1° 27,123' E TemporaryVQ(3).5s 508 5nm
South Cardinal SE Cardinal S - DUDGEON 53° 12,470' N 1° 25,617' E Permanent VQ(6) long Fl.10s 516 5nm
Special Mark Special Mark South DOW - SM - S 53° 14,012' N 1° 22,132' E Temporary Fl.Y.5s 328 5nm
South Cardinal SW Cardinal SW - DOW 53° 15,451' N 1° 19,188' E Temporary Q(6) long Fl.15s 631 5nm
Chart displaying positions

Contact information:

Trinity House (Vessel Operator):

Marine operations Manager: +44 (0) 1255 245030 / +44 (0)7775 704681 (Captain Simon Robinson)

Duty Operations phone (24hr): +44 (0)1255 245 001

Working vessel Galatea:

GSM Phone: +44 (0) 7824 624383

Satellite Iridium: +88 164 144 4868

Call signal: MRDQ7



Marine operations Manager: +47 95143907 (Svein Aage Gurrik)


Working vessel Galatea

Cardinal Buoy information:

The Cardinal Buoy to be installed is as shown in the drawings below. Each buoy is moored to a 4 te sinker with a 100m chain catenary.

Cardinal buoy information
THV Galatea Specification