12065/OE/Notice To Mariners Dudgeon 09-09-15/JAW/STOI

The vessel Flintstone will continue with the rock placement works is and expected to arrive on site Thursday the 10th of September

As a part of the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm project, rock placement works will be executed to protect the monopile foundations from scour. Over the course of the project, filter rock layers will be placed prior to installation of monopiles and armour rock layers will be placed following monopile installation.
The filter rock placement operations for the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm will commence the first week of July, 2015. This work will compromise the placement of filter rock for all (67) monopile locations.
The works are scheduled to be executed between 1st July 2015 – 30th September 2015. During operations, the rock placement vessel will sail a number of times to the Stavanger Area in Norway in order to reload with rocks.
The Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm site is located approximately 32km offshore the North Norfolk coast, off the town of Cromer.
The project site boundaries are listed below.

Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm Site Boundaries
Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm Site Boundaries:
53 18.3840'N01 19.3028'E
53 15.6907'N01 19.0883'E
53 12.5961'N01 25.7567'E
53 14.6862'N01 25.9239'E
53 14.3196'N01 26.6727'E
53 16.0562'N01 26.7900'E
53 18.9254'N01 20.5616'E
53 18.3036'N01 19.4767'E
53 18.3840'N01 19.3028'E

One or more of the following vessels will be selected to execute the work.


Bridge :0031 20 80 805 17
Call Sign :PBZD



Bridge :0031 10 71 306 02
Call Sign :PCAP



Bridge :0031 10 71 309 97
Call Sign :5BML3