Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm - Decommissioning Programme

The Decommissioning Programme for Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm has been drafted in order to comply with the requirements of the Section 36 Consent under the Electricity Act 1989. The Decommissioning Programme provides details on the structures that will be decommissioned, an overview of how decommissioning may be undertaken and the timeline for decommissioning. It is not anticipated that Dudgeon will be decommissioned for at least 25 years after the wind farm is operational, as such the Decommissioning Programme will be updated at the time of decommissioning to reflect information known at the time.

As part of the section 36 consent, the Department of Energy and Climate Change require Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm Limited to consult with members of the public on the draft programme prior to approval being given. The draft Decommissioning Programme can be found here. If you wish to provide comments on the draft Decommissioning Programme please send them to mjco@equinor.com