How to become a supplier

Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm's procurement process is based on Equinor's procurement principles competitive tendering and on the principles of transparency, non-discrimination and equal treatment of tenderers.

Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm develops, integrates and implements procurement strategies to achieve the best possible agreements.

This is achieved through a category-based approach to goods and services, based on a coordinated control of demand, the global market situation and robust analyses in order to minimize risk in the execution phase.

The suppliers must be prequalified in order to compete for tenders.

The following pre-qualification systems are subscribed to, with products and services related to:

  • Oil & Gas activities in Norway and Denmark: Achilles Joint Qualification
  • Generation and distribution of electricity in Norway, Sweden and Denmark: Sellihca Qualification -"Sellihca"
  • Oil & Gas activities in UK and Netherlands: First Point Assessment Ltd
  • Oil & Gas activities in USA and Canada (upstream, midstream, downstream): ISNetworld
  • Oil & Gas activities in Brazil: Cadfor
  • Generation and distribution of electricity, distribution grids for gas, heat, cooling, drinking water etc in UK: Utility Vendor Data Base
  • Construction and building activities in Norway: StartBANK

These systems may be used both for qualifying and identifying relevant suppliers within different product and service segments

Integrity and social responsibility

Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm has implemented the Equinor integrity program, focusing on ethics, anti-corruption and human rights. It is a requirement in the integrity program that contractors shall be made aware of Company's principles for Corporate Integrity and Social Responsibility (CISR). Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm has prepared a supplier declaration reflecting Company's CISR principles.

Our suppliers must be aware of the principles that form the basis for Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm’s activities.

Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm's strategy is to ensure social responsibility in the whole procurement process, from prequalification of tenderers to contract signing and finally the delivery of goods and services.

Signing the declaration is part of the inquiry process in Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm and is a pre-condition for being accepted as a supplier to Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm. Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm’s qualification systems set further requirements for corporate integrity and social responsibility.

Go to the Working with local business page to access the electronic Supplier Registration Form.