Dudgeon Offshore Wind Limited confirms location for on-shore substation

Dudgeon Offshore Wind Limited has decided to build the onshore substation at Necton in the Breckland District.

"This decision is an important milestone in our efforts to develop the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm. Going forward we will mature the detailed design and layout plans in consultation with representatives of the local community in Necton," says Chairman of Dudgeon Offshore Wind Limited, Halfdan Brustad.

Statoil and Statkraft acquired Dudgeon Offshore Wind Limited in October 2012. Following a successful partnership in developing the Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm off the coast of North Norfolk, Statoil and Statkraft will now work together to develop the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm. An experienced project team managed by Statoil, has been established to bring the project towards a final investment decision.

Two possible locations for the onshore substation were initially identified, Necton and Little Dunham. Necton has proved to be the preferred site after a thorough assessment of technical, environmental and social aspects relating to the two possible locations.

The onshore substation will be built immediately adjacent to an existing 400 kilovolt overhead line. The onshore substation will be divided in two compounds, where National Grid will construct the 400 kV part of the substation in one of them, and Dudgeon Offshore Wind Limited will construct the onshore substation for the wind farm on the other. The project team is now preparing the information that will be submitted to Breckland District council in order to satisfy the planning conditions. The indicative plan is that ground clearance activity will commence in late 2013/early 2014. This will enable the National Grid to start work during the summer of 2014 preparing for the installation of its on-site equipment.

The Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm will be built in the southern North Sea, 20 miles off the coast of Cromer in North Norfolk. Sea-bed cables of approx. 28 miles to landfall at Weybourne Hope and on-shore underground cables of approx. 28 miles through North Norfolk and Breckland will bring the electricity to the new substation at Necton.

Seabed and on-shore cable route surveys will commence in Spring 2013, the results of which will be used in determining the final design and the final route of the cables.

Chairman of Dudgeon Offshore Wind Limited Halfdan Brustad concluded, saying: "It is important for us to avoid any unnecessary interferences for the landowners and we look forward to continue the constructive dialogue that we have established together."

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Dudgeon Offshore Wind Limited is owned by Statoil (70%) and Statkraft (30%), with Statoil leading the development of this important renewable energy project. The licence for the Dudgeon site was awarded by the UK Government during the Round 2 allocations in 2003. Its consent allows for up to 560MW of installed electricity generation capacity. It lies within a government approved area for such development with high wind speeds and favourable water depths, and where there is a relatively low level of fishing and shipping activity.

For further information please contact:

Morten Eek, Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm project T:+47 416 89515 E: meek@statoil.com
Nigel Tompkins of New Ideas for Business T: 01263 822427 M: 07860 206565 E: nigel@ni4b.co.uk who is the Norfolk contact for media and community enquiries.

Issue date: 12-03-13