Supplier Decleration

Compliance with Laws

As a supplier to Equinor we will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Improper Payments

As a supplier to Equinor we will not, in order to obtain or retain business or any advantage in the conduct of business, offer, promise or give any improper advantage to a public official (or a third party) to make the official act or refrain from acting in relation to the performance of her/his official duties. This applies regardless whether the advantage is offered directly or through an intermediary.

Gifts, Hospitality and Expenses

As a supplier to Equinor we will not offer, directly or indirectly, to Equinor employees or representatives or anyone closely related to them gifts except for promotional items of minimal value normally bearing a company logo.

Hospitality such as social events, meals or entertainment may be offered if there is a clear business reason, but the cost must be kept within reasonable limits. Travel, accommodation and other expenses for the individual representing Equinor will always be paid by Equinor.

Hospitality, expenses, gifts or other favours shall not be offered or received in situations of contract bidding, evaluation or award.

Conflict of Interest

As a supplier to Equinor we, and our employees, will not take part in or seek to influence any decision under circumstances that can give rise to an actual or perceived conflict of interest. Such circumstances may be a business interest or a personal interest in the subject matter – economically or otherwise – directly or through someone closely related. If we become aware of a potential conflict of interest we will, without delay, notify Equinor.

Minority Rights

As a supplier to Equinor, we recognize and shall respect the special importance of the social, cultural, religious and spiritual values and practises of the indigenous and tribal peoples and their relationship with the land or territories. To the extent our work may affect indigenous peoples, a process to minimize and manage such impacts will be undertaken.

Security Resources

As a supplier to Equinor, we will observe strict requirements for the selection of security contractors to avoid human rights risks in countries where security firms are not properly regulated.


As a supplier to Equinor we will work according to internationally recognized environmental management principles and aim for continuous improvement. We will comply with national environmental legislation and discharge permits. We will work to achieve energy efficiency and minimize harmful discharge, emissions, and waste production in a lifecycle perspective.

Minimum Age of Labour

As a supplier to Equinor we shall not employ children below the age of 15. If the child is secured the right for education, play, rest and family life, limited exceptions may be made if this is clearly in the best interests of the child.

Forced Labour

As a supplier to Equinor we will not engage or employ people against their own free will, nor will personnel be required to lodge ‘deposits’ or identity papers upon commencing employment.

Freedom of Association & Right to collective Bargaining

As a supplier to Equinor we recognise that our employees are entitled to be – or refrain from being – union members and to be represented in collective bargaining agreements. In countries where these rights are restricted our employees will anyway have the right to influence their work situation.

Working Hours

As a supplier to Equinor we will comply with local law or agreements regarding working hours.


As a supplier to Equinor we will ensure that wages paid to employees and hired labour are considered fair.

Employment Practices

As a supplier to Equinor we will treat our employees equally and fairly. We will not accept any form of harassment or discrimination.

Health and Safety

As a supplier to Equinor we will work ambitiously, through continuous improvement, for a healthy work environment and safe and secure conduct according to internationally recognized health and safety management principles and practices and applicable law.

Selection of Business Partners, Agents and other Intermediaries

As a supplier to Equinor we will promote that potential business partners, agents and intermediaries adopt the principles set forth in this Supplier Declaration.

Standards towards own Suppliers

As a supplier to Equinor we will promote the implementation of the principles set forth in this Supplier Declaration towards own suppliers.